Medallion Vase-color:left to right- Amber/Black/White, Blue/Green, Red/Black

Medallion Vase


Multiple layers of manipulated colored glass evoke mystical landscapes on these artful hand blown glass vases. The classic shape is ideal for flowers or to stand alone as a piece of glass art. The flattened blown glass vessel fits neatly on narrow surfaces.

Colors available:
Amber/Black/White, Blue/Green, Red/Black, Red/Pink/Purple, Sunrise (Yellow/Red).

Dimensions: 9″h x 9″ x 3″

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Because of the inherent nature of traditional glassblowing, each piece is a unique piece of art. No molds are used in the creation of this work. Variations in size and coloration naturally occur in the process that distinguish each piece as handcrafted.

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Amber, Amber-Amber, Amber-Black-White, Amber-Green, Amber-Green-White, Amber-Salmon, Amber-White, Amber-Yellow, Amethyst, Amethyst-Cool Mix, Amethyst-Green, Bayou Blue, Black, Black-Gold, Black-Gold (clear), Blue, Blue-Green, Blue-Green-White, Blue-Hot Mix, Blue-Rainbow, Blue-White, Blue-Yellow, Cool Mix, Dark, Deep Blue, Double Blue, Double Green, Fall, Gold, Gold-Green, Gold-Lt Blue, Gold-White, Green, Green-Blue, Green-Cool Mix, Green-Double Blue, Green-Gold, Green-Hot Mix, Green-White, Harvest, Hot Mix, Hot Mix/Cool Mix, Lavender, Light, Mardi Gras, Midnight, Midnight Blue, Orange Glitter, Pink, Pink-Blue-White, Pink-Green, Pink-Purple-White, Pink-White, Purple Morning, Purple-Blue, Purple-Blue-White, Purple-Pink-White, Rainbow, Red, Red Glitter, Red Luster, Red Sunset, Red-Amber, Red-Black, Red-Gold, Red-Hot Mix, Red-Pink-Purple, Red-White, Red-White-Black, Red-Yellow, Ruby, Ruby-Pink-Green, Salmon, Salmon Mix, Scarlet-Hot Mix, Spring, Spring Mix, Summer, Sunrise Glitter, Sunrise-Yellow-Red, Tortoise, White, White-Cool Mix, White-Hot Mix, White-Rainbow, White-Xmas, Winter, Yellow, Yellow-Blue, Yellow-Red-White