Pumpkins: Midnight, Orange Glitter, Red/Gold, Sunrise. Bottom Row: Red Glitter, Sunrise Glitter

Pumpkin Patch


Pumpkins have long since been a symbol of a bountiful harvest, the fall season and Halloween. These hand blown pumpkins make a beautiful decoration any time of year and come in many colors and sizes.

Shown here (left to right):
Top Row: Midnight, Orange Glitter
Bottom Row: Red Glitter, Sunrise Glitter

Sizes Available:
Regular – 5″ diameter – $96
Medium – 7″ diameter – $165
Large – 9″ diameter – $247

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Because of the inherent nature of traditional glassblowing, each piece is a unique piece of art. No molds are used in the creation of this work. Variations in size and coloration naturally occur in the process that distinguish each piece as handcrafted.

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Harvest, Midnight, Orange Glitter, Red Glitter, Sunrise Glitter


Large, Medium, Regular