Wisteria Group-color: Spring Flat, Classic, Round
Round Wisteria Vase-color:left to right-Spring,Winter,FallFlat Wisteria Vase-color:left to right-Fall,Winter,SpringWisteria Cone - color: SummerClassic Wisteria Vase-color:left to right-Spring,Winter,FallWisteria Disc -color:left to right- Spring, Summer Gold, RedWisteria Disc -color: Red

Wisteria Vases


These free-blown glass vases with a classic silhouette evoke the twining vines and delicate flowers of wisteria. Colored glass chips and powders are layered between layers of clear glass to produce this striking effect. A final layer of clear glass encases the design for an additional feeling of depth. Each piece is unique. Due to the handmade nature of blown glass, slight variations in coloration and patterning may occur.

Color Palettes Available:
Spring (Light Blue), Winter (Black), Fall (Dark Blue), Summer (Gold), Red

Shapes Available:
Classic, Flat, Round, Cone, Disc

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Because of the inherent nature of traditional glassblowing, each piece is a unique piece of art. No molds are used in the creation of this work. Variations in size and coloration naturally occur in the process that distinguish each piece as handcrafted.

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Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter

Vase Style

Classic, Cone, Disc, Flat, Genie, Round