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12 Year Anniversary of Katrina.

Today is a solemn day.
Today is the day that we remember those who perished and those who helped.
Today is day for reflection.
Today is a date that we will never forget.
We were told 12 years ago that New Orleans was dead. We were questioned why we chose to stay and rebuild this wonderful city. To those of us who stayed, the answer was clear. A world without New Orleans would just not be the same place. It was not a world that we wanted to see. So, with the help of thousands who left the comfort of their homes, we rebuilt. We brought this city back from the brink to be as strong as it ever was. We are a proud community, but we could not have done it without outside help from kind and compassionate souls.
Today, in real time, we are keeping our eyes on Harvey. Our brothers and sisters in TX have taken the storm head-on and the images on this solemn date have been numbing. Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are with those who so willingly took us in 12 years ago. The storm has turned our way, and we look towards the heaven for relief, and we look to the ground with trepidation. The pumps that take away the water from the city now have doubt. The faith that we have had that they will work as planned has been shattered. No one knows what an unprecedented rain will bring. The coincidence of this problem during the anniversary has not gone unnoticed.
Yesterday, we were told to restore, renew, and rebuild.
Today, we reflect, remember, and reinforce.