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13 Years……

13 years ago… everyone in New Orleans knew exactly where they were. We just had no idea of where we were going, both physically and metaphorically. As the storm gathered and strengthened in the Gulf, some of us stayed, some of us left. Some by choice and some who had no choice. We were cast like seeds to the wind, landing near and far. Some took root where they landed, others came home to start over. It was unprecedented. There were storms before that had their names retired because of their severity, but never had the call been made to the population to take what you could and pray that you had something to come home to or if you stayed, it was your responsibility to suffer the consequences. She hit with a vengeance. We withstood the onslaught. It was not until the day after the eye passed that the levees failed. Did the layman see this coming? Probably not. We were not aware of the incompetency that was hidden from us in plain sight. We found out that fateful day.
We now have the advantage of hindsight to see what led up to the storm and flood that this generation now compares to all subsequent ones. We have had 13 years to digest all of the memories and stories from those days. We were told to “rebuild, restore, and renew”. We have done that. Some say that we have come back stronger. Most feel that we have come back different. Some said that we should not have been rebuilt. Those of us who returned used that sentiment as a rallying-cry to accomplish the reconstruction that we see today. We take today to mourn the multitudes who we lost, and the loss of our innocence. We won’t bow, don’t know how.
I would be remiss to not take this day to thank those who helped us when we needed it most. The untold thousands and thousands who contributed with sweat equity, those who sent money and supplies, and those who opened their homes to a large number of refugees from the storm. For my family, I thank my brother in law, and sister in law, Jay Redmon and Rhonda Holst Redmon, and my nephew Casey Redmon, who took us in with no questions asked when we needed them most.
13 years ago, we all knew where we were……
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