Glassblowing Events

Blow Your Own Experiences will be back!! 

Thank you to everyone who helped make our holiday season Blow Your Own Experiences such a success! For the time being we will only be offering these events for the holidays. While we would love to offer events all year long, we unfortunately do not have the time while we fill orders for our 200+ galleries we sell to. We will be back next holiday season, so be prepared to make your pumpkins and ornaments!

Design Your Own Glass Art

Rosetree Blown Glass Studio is excited to bring to you a unique opportunity this year. On entering a new era of non-contact participation in what was once a hands-on experience, we are introducing a new phase in creativity, that of having a piece of art that you design and is then made by a Master glass artist. Our first shape will be that of a vase.

YOU are the designer!

You become totally immersed in the creative process.

You get to choose the body shape, the predominant color, the decoration style, and the lip from a list of options that give you a myriad of options.
Each vase will be 12” tall and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which lists your name as the designer. We can even feature it on our weekly Facebook Live broadcasts so you can watch it and record your creation being made for prosperity. The special introductory offer is $200 per vase plus shipping. Once you have picked your design, the fee includes a short (up to 15 minute) phone call with Mark to finalize your design. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your designed creation.

Body Shapes:                                  

    1) Cone

    2) Inverted Cone

    3) Double Taper

    4) Classic Vase

    5) Flat

    6) Cylinder

Predominant Color:

    1) Blue

    2) Green

    3) Purple

    4) Turquoise

    5) Amber/Gold

    6) Red

Color Style:             

    1) Optic Twist

    2) Two Tone Stripe

    3) Down Feathered

    4) Up Feathered

    5) Two Color Spun

    6) Dizzy


    1) Ruffled

    2) Straight

    3) Pinched

    4) Flare