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Design Your Own Glass Art

Rosetree Blown Glass Studio is excited to bring to you a unique opportunity this year. On entering a new era of non-contact participation in what was once a hands-on experience, we are introducing a new phase in creativity, that of having a piece of art that you design and is then made by a Master glass artist. Our first shape will be that of a vase.

You are the designer.

You become totally immersed in the creative process.

You get to choose the body shape, the predominant color, the decoration style, and the lip from a list of options that give you a myriad of options.

Each vase will be 12” tall and comes with a Certificate of Authentication which lists your name as the designer. The special introductory offer is $200 per vase plus shipping. Once you have picked your design, the fee includes a short (up to 15 minute) phone call with Mark to finalize your design. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of your designed creation.

Green/Gold Inverted Cone with Flare LipLight Blue/Tulane Cone with Ruffle LipLight Blue/TulaneRuffle LipGreen/Gold Taper

Body Shapes:


    2)Inverted Cone

    3)Double Taper

    4) Classic Vase

    5) Flat

    6) Cylinder

Predominant Color:

    1) Blue

    2) Green


    4) Turquoise

    5) Amber/Gold

    6) Red

Color Style:

    1) Optic Twist

    2) Two Tone Stripe

    3) Down Feathered

    4) Up Feathered

    5) Two Color Spun


    1) Ruffled

    2) Straight

    3) Pinched


Blow Your Own Experiences:

Right now our Blow Your Own Experiences are on hiatus at least until the fall.  Working in the New Orleans heat is difficult and we always take a break with our BYO experiences during the summer.  If possible we will start again come September.